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  • Campus recruitment event – Campus career fairs and company talks are held every March and October.
  • Featured column with interviews of renowned figures and NTHU alumni – Our career volunteer term interviews renowned figures and NTHU alumni for a featured column in our career handbook.  The column is an informative platform for students to learn about the private sector and feedbacks on work experience.
  • Company visits – We arrange ten to fifteen company visits every year.  Students can learn more about the workplace and understand the possible working environment in the future through environment visit, job introduction and observation on actual work situations.
  • Enterprise talent development program – The program helps students in planning their career path in advance of graduation through discussions and talks with mentors from the company.
  • Career talks – Ten talks by company HR personnel, alumni, renowned figures and career experts are organized annually.
  • Non-credit internship insurance – We cover the cost of insurance during no-credit internship.     


  • Limited to the domestic off-campus non-credit internship programs. Only for those whose insurance has not been applied for by their internship  institution.
  • Limited to those who are still enrolled in NTHU (excluding Mainland China students, exchange students, graduates and part-time students) during their internship.
  • New graduates  who have not completed the clearance procedure are allowed to apply.

2.Internship Insurance:

The following information  is according to the standards of the “Group Personal Accident Insurance” given by the Ministry of Education (yearly standards are applicable until July 31).

  • Personal Injury Insurance (Disabled or Death): Up to 2,000,000NTD per person. For the disabled, the insurance claim would be settled according to the level of disability.
  • Personal Injury Medical Coverage (Including full payment for clinic visits, 1000NTD per day for the hospitalized):  Up to 50,000NTD per person.

        3.Application Form and Deadline

          You must fill out the “Off-Campus Internship Application Platform” with your internship information on the school’s Academic Information System before your internship begins.

          The documents must be handed in before the 5th of every month. The deadline will be extended to the next working day if the 5th of the month is a holiday. Please hand in the

          application form to the Center of  Career Development at least 15 days before your internship begins. Foreign students must include a copy of your ARC.

          4.Evidence of Internship

           Please provide either physical or electronic copy of the relevant documents as evidence of your internship after it has ended. The name of the off-campus institution you interned in and

           both the dates of the start and the end of the internship must be on the document.

  • Off-Campus Non-Credit Internships: Please bring your internship evidence to the Center of Career Development or email it to career@my.nthu.edu.tw.
  • Off-Campus (With Credits) Internships: Please confirm with the department offering the course.
  • Enterprise career coach Consultation with senior HR personel from the company.
  • One-on-one career consultation – Individual consultation by Global Career Development Facilitator and career consultant. If you need consultation in English, please fill in the application form. (click
  • Seed teacher training – We hold teacher training workshops to enhance professional development in career consultation skills.
  • Job vacancy information – Our website shares the latest announcements of company recruitment, internship and part-time opportunities and career activities.  Information can also be found on our "NTHU Career" facebook fan page