【NTHU International Student Career Development Loyalty Card Point Collection Event Information

NTHU International Student Career Development Loyalty Card Point Collection Event Information

Eligibility: Limited to current NTHU students that were enrolled as  international students (Not eligible for graduates, exchange students and drop-out students)

Eligible Events for Point Collection:

Required to participate in 4 out of 5 types of events organized by the NTHU Center for Career Development. A point will be given for every event participated.

  1. Career Talks

Career Talks are held during the Spring Campus Recruitment Event. More than 60 talks are held annually. Learn about a company in each of the one-hour talks.

  1. Company Visits

Company Visits are held occasionally throughout the year. Students can visit the actual workplace and learn more about the company, the details of the job vacancy, the product and the actual work experience.

  1. Career Consultation

A career counselor can guide you through the process of writing a resume, preparing for an interview, and searching for a job. You can fill out the registration form to schedule for an individual or group consultation session.

  1. Job Fair
    Spring and Fall Campus Recruitment Event (aka Job Fair, participate in either one to get a point) are large-scale campus recruitment events held in March and October. There will be resume collections on the spot. The managers from human resources or other departments of the companies will provide you with more information about the job vacancy.
  2. Career Seminar
    The International Students Recruitment Seminar is held every March by the Taipei Computer Association and NTHU. There will be panels, presentations and career fairs to help you in your job searching journey.

Terms and Conditions for Point Collection:

  1. Students can redeem a convenience store gift voucher that is worth 1,000NTD if they collect 4 points. The gift voucher can be redeemed just once per person. (For international students, the withholding tax rate on cash awards or payments given in contests or prizes won by chance is 20%.)
  2. Point Collection Identity Verification: Students will not be required to verify their identity after collecting a point, but will be required to show their student ID cards and to be verified as “International Students” when getting the gift voucher. The event is eligible only to current NTHU students that were enrolled as an international student. Please check your identity and eligibility before collecting points with the loyalty card.
  3. Please get the points from the staff on the spot as points will only be given after the event has ended. Points will not be given after you have left the event venue. Points of the same event cannot be collected repeatedly.
  4. After successfully collecting 4 points, please collect your gift voucher at the Center for Career Development in the Main Campus during working hours.
  5. The gift voucher can be redeemed just once per person. Gift vouchers will not be given if you have previously received one.
  6. The Center for Career Development reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.
  7. Please send an email to career@my.nthu.edu.tw if you have any questions regarding the point collection or to find out if you are eligible for the event.