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  • Campus recruitment event – Campus career fairs company talks are held every March and October.
  • Featured column with interviews of renowned figures and NTHU alumni – Our career volunteer term interviews renowned figures and NTHU alumni for a featured column in our career handbook.  The column is an informative platform for students to learn about the private sector and feedbacks on work experience.
  • Company visits – We arrange ten to fifteen company visits every year.  Students can learn more about the workplace and understand the possible working environment in the future through environment visit, job introduction and observation on actual work situations.
  • Enterprise talent development program – The program helps students in planning their career path in advance of graduation through discussions and talks with mentors from the company.
  • Career talks – Ten talks by company HR personnel, alumni, renowned figures and career experts are organized annually.
  • No-credit internship insurance – We cover the cost of insurance during no-credit internship.
  • Career evaluation tools – UCAN, CPAS, CVHS are provided.
    • UCAN:  It was launched by the Ministry of Education, combined with career interest exploration and functional diagnosis to increase students' understanding of the workplace.  The main functions include career inquiry, career interest exploration, common competence diagnosis and professional competence diagnosis, etc.
    • CPAS: Career personality Aptitude System is a personality test tool developed by the Japanese psychology test master Dr. Ito Yujiro. After many years of research and development, it is widely used by enterprises. It is essentially a personality trait test, mainly used for the diagnosis of personal occupations aptitude.
    • CVHS: Career & Vocational Helping System was developed by Fu Jen University and includes career exploration, career path, interest assessment and value assessment.
  • Enterprise career coach – Consultation with senior HR personel from the company.
  • One-on-one career consultation – Individual consultation by Global Career Development Facilitator and career consultant.  
  • Seed teacher training – We hold teacher training workshops to enhance professional development in career consultation skills.
  • Job vacancy information – Our website shares the latest announcements of company recruitment, internship and part-time opportunities and career activities.  Information can also be found on our "NTHU Career" facebook fan page



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