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【Career Seminar 2021】Meet the International Panel Speakers!

In celebration of our first decade of Career Seminars, we present a uniquely new feature this year, the International Talents Panel!

Our two panelists from ASUS and Fitbots will share their job search and working experience in Taiwan, and answer any question you have.

Don't miss this session if you're interested in their education experience, job application processes, and tips for fitting into the Taiwanese workplace!

Register here https://forms.gle/AnPcqAwTtCdUjJn58

*The NTHU venue is now full.

*All are still welcome to register to participate in the panel online via Webex Meetings, and come by the Career Fair to network in-person.

Meet the International Panel Speakers!


【Career Seminar 2021】 Open positions for International Students!


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