Foreign Student Work Permit Application

Work Permit Related Regulations

  • Foreigner working illegally without work permit (either not authorised or permit expired) shall be fined a fee above NT$30000 under NT$150000.
  • With the exception of the winter and summer vacations, foreign students’ sum of working hours shall not exceed 20 hours per week .
  • If the work permit is still valid after suspension or withdrawal from school, the holder shall return the permit.
  • If the student applied for work permit during the first semester, the work permit will be valid until 31th of March in the next semester; if the student applied during the second semester, the work permit will be valid until 30th of September in the same year. This will not be applied on permits applied during the breaks, and in this situation its validity can be at most 6 months.

    ※ Work permits held by graduates will be valid until 30th of June in the same year of graduation. If he or she continues to study in ROC wish to work during the transition, he or she shall attach the Certificate of completion of registration issued by the admission school (institute) in further applications, and the work permit can be extended until 30th of September in the same year. The holder shall apply for a new work permit when he or she arrives at the admission school.

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